Discover Ayia Napa

A Mediterranean Marvel

Feed your wanderlust and unlock the hidden gems of this seaside destination, where world-famous beaches dazzle with golden sands and some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. Here time-honoured cultural heritage coexists alongside ancient, unspoilt landscapes, all gracing a scenic stretch of sun-soaked coastline on the south-eastern cusp of Cyprus. An aspirational bucket-list getaway that offers something for everyone. Welcome to Ayia Napa.

The amazing biotope Cape Greco became a designated National Forest Park back in 1993. The unspoilt park is considered a place of natural beauty and tranquillity, as well as offering a number of things to do and see!
Cape Greco is spread across 385 hectares of pristine pine-fringed landscapes. It is home to a diverse range of botanic plants, sea caves, cliffs and marvellous glistening blue bays. The biotope is also home to hares, foxes and hedgehogs, as well as 80 different species of birds, butterflies and lizards.

The national park is ideal for adventurers looking to explore the area by setting off on one of the many hiking or cycling trails available. Depending on the hike you choose, you will encounter a variety of impressive landmarks and attractions as well, like the Hermit’s Sea Cave, the picturesque white-washed Church of Agioi Anargyroi, as well as a lighthouse and the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite.
Besides trekking across the park, many prefer exploring the areas underwater sea caves and waterbeds by diving or snorkelling, as the waters are rich in sea life making it one of the top snorkelling sites in Cyprus.
All in all, Cape Greco National Park is a dream area for nature enthusiasts, as well as the adventurer and sea lover.

Cape Greco Ayia Napa
Sea Caves Ayia Napa

Easily one of the island’s most photogenic landscapes, the sea caves of Cape Greco are a breath-taking feat of nature formed over centuries as waves crashed against the cliffs. Easily explored from land or sea, the caves are a 7-minute drive east of the hotel and can be enjoyed as part of a boat tour. The surrounding crystal-clear waters make this a unique spot for snorkelling and swimming.

Thalassa Museum

Just 10 minutes on foot from the hotel towards Ayia Napa’s town centre, the Thalassa Museum is a world-class institution that dives deep into Cyprus’ nautical heritage. An impressive collection of exhibits explores the profound impact the sea has had on the island, its history, and its people. All innovatively presented across seven levels in an immersive experience for all ages. In January 2023, 49 years after the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Municipal Art Gallery of Famagusta finds a home again, albeit temporarily, at the Thalassa Museum displaying rescued paintings returned to their rightful owners.

Thalassa Museum Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa Monastery

At the very heart of the main square of Ayia Napa stands a timeless sanctuary steeped in local history. Built around 1500 AD, this Medieval monastery is a well-preserved local architectural treasure, whose serene courtyard and captivating stone structures depict the local-built heritage of the island. Inspiring moments of quiet reflection, a stone’s throw from the lively central thoroughfare.

Discover artwork by over 40 local and international sculptors, displayed against a backdrop of wild nature and panoramic sea views at Ayia Napa Sculpture Park – a significant landmark on the island’s cultural map. Located some 550m from the hotel, just 6 minutes on foot, the park sprawls across 20,000m² of outstanding natural beauty. Visit at sunset for the ultimate Instagram moments.

Sculpture Park - Ayia Napa Cyprus

Ayia Napa Cactus Park

Located next to the Sculpture Park, the Ayia Napa Cactus Park is home to over 6000 plants – showing just how many unique shapes, colours and sizes the cactus comes in. Framed by endless views along the coastline, the park is infused with a quiet sense of serenity. Wander the otherworldly, desert-like oasis and marvel at the vast diversity of this natural wonder.

Stroll 30 minutes along the seafront promenade, past the fishing harbour and on to explore a hidden world submerged beneath the azure waters at The Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa. Here a collection of sculptural installations sits silently on the seabed, viewed only by entering their watery realm. But it’s more than just art. MUSAN also has an important environmental purpose – catalysing reef regeneration by creating a subaquatic forest where marine life can thrive.

Musan Ayia Napa