Alluring Culinary Experiences

Allow yourself to wander through a realm of culinary delights at the Alion Beach Hotel, where our seaside dining experiences unfold.

Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite delicacies, crafted to blend the finest seasonal local produce with an array of tantalising flavours from around the world with nods to traditional Cypriot cuisine. Throughout your culinary journey, our dedicated team ensures every detail is attended to with genuine warmth, making your experience truly special.


The Deck Restaurant

Savour the Mediterranean

Savor the essence of Mediterranean elegance under a starlit canopy at Ayia Napa’s cherished retreat.


iPanema Lounge Bar

Tropical Nights – Latin Bites

An exquisite blend of continents under the stars, stirred by Latin beats and eclectic tastes.


Akti Pool Restaurant & Bar

Fresh Sunny Flavours         

Fresh Sunny Flavours

Relaxed poolside indulgence amid colorful pergolas, where Mediterranean flavors meet impeccable simplicity.


Amethystos Cocktail Bar & Veranda

Savour Spirits, Sea Breezes, and Sunsets

Artisanal cocktails under the stars, where the rhythm of the night meets the calm of the sea.


Muses Lounge

Inspired Tranquillity        

Inspired Tranquillity

Enjoy culinary creations composed of the finest ingredients, bursting flavours and impeccable service in unique settings.


Symposion Restaurant

A Palette of Flavours        

A Palette of Flavours

A voyage of culinary delights, where global flavors meet local vintages in a symphony of taste.


Kalimera Restaurant & Terrace

Taste the Cyprus Sunrise   

Taste the Cyprus Sunrise

Morning elegance al fresco, where wholesome meets delightful against a Mediterranean canvas.


Sunday Brunch

Brunch by the Sea             

Brunch by the Sea

Savor leisurely Sundays, where savory meets sweet amidst poolside serenity and joyful camaraderie.

Private Dining

Elegant Seclusion, Memorable Cuisine

Intimate elegance, bespoke service: a secluded haven where every meal becomes a cherished memory.