Dear Reader,

The shift in customer focus, together with product development and use of new technology, will refine and redefine traditional competitive elements. New criteria may be resource-efficiency, spaciousness, unpolluted air and water, and adherence to local cultures and traditions.

Alion Beach Hotel recognises its environmental responsibility and commits itself to improving its performance towards a sustainable future. With the support of the management and team members, we strive to develop and engage in sound operational practices that are financially and environmentally sustainable, continually improving our performance in key impact areas.

We strive to ensure that environment initiatives impact the guest experience in a positive way and, whenever possible, we support initiatives in the local community, and we communicate and celebrate environmental achievements.

By taking the role as an environmental leader, we, at the Alion Beach Hotel, aim to gain recognition by our guests, employees, and local community.

“We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors – we are
borrowing it from our children – help us save the environment.”



Panicos Michael

General Manager

You can read more about our sustainability efforts in the documents below: